UPDATE – Castle Watch Co Cavetto – Didn’t think this would happen…

YRLR I can’t believe this…

So I didn’t expect to be doing an update for the Castle Watch Co Cavetto but I was doing some reading on the inter-webs and also wanted to post a few more photos so here we are…


So the whole several millimeters of play in the bezel issue is something that is pretty common and the word from Castle to date is that due to the nature of titanium and the cost of the product there was only so much they could do.  Respect due to Castle for addressing the issue so forwardly however Castle continued to state that bezel play is common in any watch, even “…Omega and Rolex…”  Now I’ll have to go ask my Yacht-Master how it feels about having its bezel called out like this but it’s a pretty aggressive statement I feel.

This being said, I understand where they are coming from and we would all likely feel similarly if we spent a ton of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into putting together a product that offered features for an unheard of price point, and then have people call them out for features that aren’t offered instead of celebrating what are.

HOWEVER… no one ever improved by accepting mediocrity and constructive criticism should be a positive force within any successful business’ corporate culture.  If all you ever heard was how awesome you were you would never strive to be better.  So I’d say for version 2.0 consider…

  • Solid non-rotating bezel
  • Brushed / polished combination for any bezel indices, see Yacht-Master
  • Move to a textured bezel vs the waffle bezel
  • I would love a screw down crown but only if the additional cost of the tube for it was within budget.

Now do I accept the massive amount of travel between bezel clicks?  A little… I guess… because its Titanium… sure… BUT, the white-painted bezel indices I do not.  Now I haven’t read any comments about this issue but it’s a big deal for me because of how it looks, even if it is hand painted.  BUT, if you can get over this then the Cavetto remains a competitive buy for a lot of you which I completely get.  And as Castle continues to repeat, how much watch do you expect for $150 USD?  At the end of the day if you don’t like go find an Invicta, MVMT or Vincero and see how far $150 USD goes.  Frankly the one comparison found on YouTube to a vintage Seiko Bellmatic is “silly” as it isn’t a comparison at all (I still love my vintage Alarm Quartz but its not the same product).  But their are other products out there

What do do you want: specs or do you want fashion?

Now this is just me and when Castle puts out another KS campaign I’ll subscribe as I think they’re a great company with an excellent that all with an ambitious and noble cause and I love to be able to personally support that.

That’s my .0000001 bitcoin though, what’s yours?

Mean while check out my sweet semi-pro photos below featuring a completely unofficial collaboration between my Castle Watch Co Cavetto and Rolex, Tissot, Seiko and Meccaniche Veneziane – ENJOY!




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