Match-Up! Panerai Vs Parnis – California Dial Battle – My Wifes Take

So lets see what my wife thought of these two was when she took her first close look at both.

Her:  Which one is the expensive one again?

Me:  Which one do you think?

Her:  Holds up the Panerai, “This one, because its heavier…” flips them each over and closely exams both; “…and there is a brand name, which helps…”  she flips them back over, looks closer and points to the date window and asks, “…Is this the seconds?”

Me:  “No, that’s the date”

Her:  Thinks a little, looks at the sides and then flips them back over, “this one’s transparent and has the names of all the stuff on it, and its much heavier.  It has its name splashed all over like a race car; you know where you have advertising all over everything.  This one even says what it’s made of and it says swiss made;” she says this last statement positively and I note that she knows that stainless steel and Swiss made are both good things.

Her:  She continues to examine the inside of the watch and then says, “but I like that you can see more inside this one, it has more to see like all the colors.” She flips them both back over one last time, hold each one at a time up for a final close inspection and then states, “I wouldn’t say it’s a good knock off,” holds up the Parnis, “the look is similar but if you know watches you obviously know it’s not the other one.”


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