What Watch Will Your Child Wear?

It’s been been two days and soon two nights since the birth of our son. His mother, exhausted from the past days events has finally crashed and agreed to rest for a few hours so long as I promise to keep an eye on the baby. So here I sit listening to the faint sound of rushing air and the periodic beep of the machine tracking his vital signs. The NICU staff have been amazing and I can’t imagine the emotional toll of doing this day in and day out must take.

When I stand by my resting I can’t help but look back on my life, at what I value, and what it took to make it here. As he fights now at just 2 days old for the very breaths he needs to survive I know that through that struggle he will be come stronger and one day I picture him here, as I am, looking over his new born baby, me at his side, wearing the very same watch that I wore all those years past.

It’s this indescribable nostalgia that truly makes the precision crafted watches great and a true timeless wonder to behold.

Thank you all for being with me today.



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