Vintage Match-Up! Rolex Vs Tissot – My Wife’s Take

Now if you’ve read everything above you probably know where this is going but lets see exactly what my wife thought of both these watches!

Her: “They’re old man watches!”
Me: “But they’re solid gold!” I say laughing.
Her: “I don’t like either of them, I don’t like all gold.”
Me: “But this one is a Rolex.”
Her: “I don’t care, you still can’t change their faces.”
Me: “Ok, well humor me and pick one.”
Her: “Well this one [the Rolex] is really busy.” Points to the dial. But I like that it tells the day, it’s a really classy look.” She holds up the Tissot now, “this one is a true old man watch; it’s adorable! If I had to choose only one I choose neither!”

Me: “Not an option.” I shake my head.
Her: “Fine, the bigger one [Rolex] is nicer; I could wear this one [Tissot]!”


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