30 May 2019 – Update – NEW Detailed Watch Review!

New Detailed Review

In my complete update I have fully written a detailed report on the Castle Watch Co Cavetto “Rustic Brass” using our new format and much more detailed approach. Scrap what you read before and check out this much more in depth look at this amazing KickStarter special that features an all titanium build, sapphire crystal, Seiko automatic movement, rotating bezel and 2 straps for just $154 USD.

My next stop is to look at our Head-To-Head comparisons and ensuring they are congruent with what our new format is trying to achieve.

I’d like to know if you’d like to have some sort of scoring system applied to the reviews / comparisons – please let me know!

Check out the revised Detailed Review of the Castle Watch Co Cavetto “Rustic Brass” and let me know what you think!


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