Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 2.0 “Ardesia” – My Wife’s Take

What did my wife have to say about the Nereide 2.0?

Me: “Right,” passing her the Nereide as she decompresses from a long day on the couch,             “…do your thing sugar!”

Her: “Well I don’t like the band, it’s too stiff.  The suede one [see my Match-Up! Seiko v MV] ruined me forever for any other band!” 

Her: “The dial, I like the gold on it.  I like that it’s more than one colour, not quite black-black not quite white-white.  Makes it almost pirate like if the outside wasn’t so modern.  I like the inside (dial) more than I like the outside, the inside is much more vintage than the outside implies.” 

Me: “Ok, that’s good.  What else?”

Her: “The seconds hand is adorable; it has two balls on it.  And this dial thing, you could cut a bitch with this.”  This is rough! She gestures to the bezel.  “It’s huge, it’s too big.  One, it’s the whole same size as my whole wrist.  Two, it’s heavy, you could break someone’s teeth with it and this thing would live!  So, if you’re into dentistry…”

Her: I like the back, oh I like the back.  I like the watermark on it, [the MV Venetian cross on the rotor] the little cross thing. It’s a nice detail.  Again, it could use more color on the inside, I mean it has a couple colours and a bunch of different shades of silver; what’s with all the silver!” [see my Match-Up! Parnis vs Panerai for what she’s getting at here]

Me: “So what do you think of it overall?” I’m at little surprised at her take on it given her initial impression of it when I first wore it but I know that when up close, she prefers classic looks and the Nereide has several modern features like the PVD finish and the fact that it’s a dive watch.

Her: “Overall, it’s fine, I wouldn’t buy it and I wouldn’t buy it for you certainly.  Who would I buy this for?  My uncle; He’s a bit obnoxious but he doesn’t do cheap and this doesn’t look cheap!”

So there you have it, a critical, but 100% honest and uncensored, take on the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 2.0 from my wife.


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