Maranez Bangla 47 “Ceramic Green California” – My Wife’s Take

Fresh from an infant induced nap, I excitedly engaged my wife in a surprise inspection of the Maranez Bangla.

Her:  “This looks great for marvel fans; it looks like the Infinity Gauntlet!”

Her:  Its huge. Its way to bulky. Who’s hands are so big that they could wear this?  You know who wears this – a mob boss!  Its knuckles, brass knuckles! “what’s my name? BOOM! Mouth full of brass!”  she hold the around the strap like they’re a pair of brass knuckles.  A metal strap would have been more historically accurate…

Her:  “Otherwise it’s pretty unremarkable.  I like the green background [dial], it’s a nice shade [of green].  The orange is really nice too [speaking of the lume].  It’s all out of place here though, the rest of the watch is just so huge.”

Me:  “So this is a traditional style diver’s watch…” cue a short explanation…

Her:  “This would be perfect for the Marines!  You can get it wet and knock someone’s teeth out with it!  No one will mess with you at the garrison! That’s the right word right?”

Me:  Yup.

Her:  And when you travel no one will try and steel it because it’s not gaudy or fancy and even if they do you can just knock their teeth out too!

Her:  Hands the watch back.  “And now I have to wash the brass off my hands.”

Obviously, the Bangla is a function first piece and if you don’t understand that then it’s going to be extremely polarizing when handled in person.  But if you get what its function is, how much you are getting for your dollar, and the thought given to each application during the design of this watch then I think that for the right people the Bangla is a fantastic choice; even if your wife doesn’t get it!


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