Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide GMT “San Marco” – My Wife’s Take

When I first placed my order for the GMT I let me wife choose which version we got.  I was torn between the “Topazio Crema” and the “San Marco” and this tie was broken by her selection of the “San Marco”.  After 8 months of waiting we now get to find out if the end product matched the photos!

Her: “Ok, so show me which two I had to choose from.” I pull up stock photos of both the San Marco and the Crema.  “Are you sure I chose this?  I don’t even like red!”

Me: “Yup, you were the tie breaker all those months ago and here is the result of it!”

Her: “Well let’s start this off with I regret this decision; I do not remember making this decision; I should have chosen the other one! [Topazio Crema]

Her: “It’s disgusting; I hate it; I hate everything about it; well everything on the outside at least; the bezel; it’s like a cafeteria tray after a preschooler has smeared it everywhere.”

Her: She is about to keep tearing it apart but stops dead once she flips it over.  “The back is cool; the back is better.  The back looks nice, it’s more intricate than this one [the Nereide 2.0].”

Her: Flipping the GMT back around she takes a closer inspection of the details commenting that, “The red and yellow bezel is just ugly.  Does the 2.0 have this pop up on the bezel [the lume pip at the 12 o’clock]?  This one is going to scratch people!”

Her:  Picking up our infant she shows him the watch and asks, “How about you Oliver?  Would you eat it?  He won’t even look at it!”

Her: “I regret choosing this one; are you sure I chose this gross McDonald’s mess?  You know what I like more than this watch? Paw Patrol! And you know how much I hate Paw Patrol!”

And that’s it; I concluded some time ago that my wife is not a big fan of certain colors, but I had expected that since she had chose the San Marco that she would have liked it. 


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