Spinnaker Hull California series – My Wife’s Take

Since I currently start my day off early with the incoherent ranting of a 3-year-old, I tend to have a fair bit of work accomplished by the time my wife wakes up with our new born son.  Lets see just how well she takes the styling of these two watches “first thing” in the morning!

Her:  “I just woke up, do we have to do this now?”

Me:  “Yes, it’s very important.” Grinning widely.

Her:  “I like them both I think they’re both nice.  I like this brand.  Is this black stuff on the black plastic? Oh its not! Eww!!” she looks shocked at the realization that the exhibition case back has been ruined by the black Spinnaker sail logo.

Her:  “Its ruining perfectly good visibility.  Aww I’m disappointed.” She flips the tactical back over and examines the dial again.

Her:  “I don’t like the rubber strap on the black one.  I like them both, and the only difference is that one is black and one is yellow and grey.  They have cute second hands.  I really like the background, the graininess, it makes it look just nicer, like the face of the moon because it’s all metorited.  Is that enough detail?”

Me:  “I need you to choose one.”

Her:  “Ahhh, I can’t choose!  Ok, I choose this one [vintage], but I like this one too [tactical]!  The yellow and grey of the vintage really looks nice.  Except for the back; the back looks stupid!  I like the strap of the vintage and I don’t like the rubber of tactical.”

Today a new chapter is opened in the My Wife’s Take as she is clearly smitten with the sharp looks of the cushion case design and California dial.  I should point out that she also quite liked the larger but flatter Parnis California but thought that it was too vintage.  In that same Match-Up! she also commented that the even larger Panerai Radiomir California was also just too big.  I think Spinnaker has really hit a home run here, and sales of the vintage support this thought so congrats Spinnaker and I hope you expand on your success here.

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a massive Match-Up! of all the California dials I have so far!


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