Atomic Time Check – Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 2.0 “Ardesia” (PVD)

Would you like to know more? Read the full TWC review here.

  • Brand: Meccaniche Veneziane
  • Model: Nereide 2.0
  • Year: 2018
  • Movement: MV135 ( stamped “BT16”)
  • Base Movement: based on the Seagul ST16 design
  • Stated Performance: N/A
  • Observed Performance: +4 seconds
  • Notes: I was unable to set the MV135 accurately as every time I pressed the crown in to start the time the second hand would jump 1-3 seconds ahead. Because of this the photo on the left below shows a start time of -2 seconds and a performance time in the photo to the right of +2 seconds. Therefore, the adjusted performance time is +4 seconds.

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