Match-Up! King Seiko Vs Seiko Presage – My Wife’s Take

My Wife’s Take…

I was taken aback when my wife declared her preference today.  She usually leans towards what I would define as a more classic and even conservative style when it comes to time pieces but after this review and my upcoming review of the Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide Watches & Crystals Edition I’ve realized a few things.  When she see’s these watches she is viewing them from an aesthetic standpoint and judging them by how their appearance makes her feel.  As an enthusiast I just don’t see things that way.  So, let’s look at the fun conversation we had about these two watches.

Me:  “Ok, today there is one rule; straps are not the focus, just the watches today.  So, if you had to choose one, which is the one and what stands out to you about both watches?

Her:  As always, she starts by examining the faces of both watches.  “I like them both.  I like the brand, Seiko.  I like the blue one better, because this one is a little plainer [the King Seiko].  They’re [both] a little more business-y, like a CEO would wear them.  This one is like youre reading a romance novel the main love interest is wearing this one [the presage], and like this one…” she pauses to find the right words to convey her thoughts on the King Seiko.

Me:  I jump in to finish her train of thought for her, “Is what his dad is wearing?”

Her:  “HAHA, no!” we both share a good laugh over this and she moves back to the watches in hand.  This isn’t her first time with the Presage, and she knows it.

Her:  “They’re both nice; this one reminds me of [medieval] knights, like it’s a “I fight for the king” shield [the appearance of the Presage’s face] and this one [the King Seiko] is casual business, like I’m still business but I’m going out for drinks after work “business”.  This one [the Presage] is “Mr. Gray will see you now” while this one [the King Seiko] is “Mr. Gray is off the clock now.” 

Her:  She lowers both watches and looks me dead in the eyes and says, “And this is all you get,” and hands me back both Seiko’s confident in totality of her responses.

So, there we have it, another Match-Up complete and 2 Seiko’s that are separated by almost 50 years and yet both have a place on our wrists today.  I will be adjusting my assumptions of what I expect my wife will like and not like and can’t wait to see if I can get the next one right!

Make sure to check out my 24-hour real world performance results of both the Seiko Presage and the King Seiko 4502 in our Atomic Time Check and see how well they did!


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