Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide “Ardilla Crema” Watches & Crystals Edition – My Wife’s Take

My Wife’s Take…

My Wife always seems to be surprising me and just like my past review of the release of the Nereide 3.0 line-up so too did she surprise me here with her choice.  Take a look at how the conversation plays out.

Her:  “They’re both huge! And they look and feel clunky.” We’ve been managing a 3 year old and a 3 month old and we are both exhausted all the time so her patience for my hobby of writing these is a little bit less than usual but so far she is entertaining my request and has both Nereide’s in hand looking closely at both, front and back.  “I like the silver one better, the gold looks classier, the white on grey looks sharp.  They both look super Italian like “my dad runs the mafia” Italian.  They feel like in your face Italian, like I could knock your teeth out with them.”  She exclaims all of this and we share a laugh as she has started to think me crazy about buying all these MV watches that all look the same.

Her:  “Someone’s classy mafia grandpa could wear this one [the W&C], it’s VERY nice.  I don’t like how big and heavy they are; the black on black on gold (Nereide 3.0 black) is just too much while this one [the W&C] is grey on white on gold and the color pattern works extremely well.  It’s [the W&C] is substantially nicer.  She looks at both dials and exclaims, “otherwise they’re the same! What is the point of these, they’re all the same!” she’s laughing and waving the two timepieces around laughing and finally turns them over and tells me that, “Even the insides are the same!”

Me:  “Nope, there’s one thing that is missing from one.”

Her:  Can you see it?

Me:  Yup!

Her:  “Hmm…” she inspects both watches closely and it takes her no time to find the answer.  “This one is missing the stamps!  Is that it?”

Me:  Yup!

Her:  What do I win!?

Me:  Love and affection?

Her:  Nope

Me:  Fame and fortune?

Her:  Nope

Me:  Our daughter?

Her:  Nope; can I win chips?

Me:  Yes

Her:  “And I’m done, here you go.”  She hands the Nereide’s back and goes back to pacifying our newborn.

So once again I thought she would have appreciated the classic look of the black and steel Nereide 3.0 and of course she did not.  Her response to the Nereide W&C surprised me but it highlights to me that the style and design of the W&C is much more fashion forward than any of the sportier Nereide’s and that is apparently attractive to women.  I can definitely see a woman pulling off the W&C Nereide and if you’re a male and decide to wear one I would expect that you will receive at least a few complements from women and fashion conscious types in your life.

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