Moose Strap Company – Premium NATO straps from la belle province Quebec

Showing off NATO straps from a small Canadian business

I stumbled upon Moose Strap Co (MSC) while pursuing the many threads of the Canadian Watch Collectors forum. While the selection of straps available is limited, all your most popular styles are represented. Only premium versions are available so if you’re looking for cheap straps you’ll have to stick with Amazon; but if you’re looking for quality materials and good stitching then MSC has you covered with both regular and thin premium NATO’s.  Leather straps by Hirsch are also offered presently but I can see these disappearing and the focus being put solely on their NATO line-up.

There are no details about MSC available on their Wix built website (read build it yourself?) but its very logically laid out and it’s very easy to complete a transaction.  I especially appreciate the upfront and no-nonsense shipping details.  I am located in Montreal, Quebec, and my order showed up in just a few days via regular post and with a Quebec return address.  Keep in mind that, for no clear reason, that prices are in USD only so make sure you take advantage of any discounts, such as the “4for3” presently being offered.

One unique selection that you don’t see offered commonly are “stretch” NATO’s. It took me a minute to figure out the best method of affixing mine and once I did it took another two to figure out how to wear it properly. Personally, I think that when viewed off the wrist the small proportions of the strap make it look unnatural when compared to the standard short on the top long on the bottom commonly found. I also found it a bit of a pain to adjust and my corrections often ended up being either too much or too little. I didn’t feel like it was any more comfortable than a normal NATO and it doesn’t compare to a supple, high quality leather strap. If you’re intrigued the regular retail is $25.00 USD and if you bundle one with 3 other regular NATO’s it’s worth a try.

If you think that $21.00 CAD for a NATO strap is high, I’d point out that these are “premium” straps which means quality stitching through out and strong yet supple nylon that will sit comfortably on your wrist all day.  The “premium” aspects of these straps make these infinitely better than the $20 bundle specials or the free with purchase NATO’s you commonly find and that are made simply and from uncomfortable materials.

This order has given me some ideas so I am already looking at placing another order in the coming future and would recommend MSC for anyone looking for premium straps from a small Canadian owned and operated business.


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