Video Look: Seiko Alarm Quartz

There are enough blogs, sales ads, forum threads and YouTube videos that if interested one can piece together most of the history of the Alarm Quartz and then reasonably deduce the remainder. Now I was going to write out a bunch more but in writing this I found a VERY good descriptive breakdown of this model of Alarm Quartz and rather than re inventing this here it is and the link as well, thanks!

“…a quick comparison to the analogue Bell-Matic is obvious but the inner workings of this special quartz can be nothing like its old school counterpart. Indeed, after this Seiko went to town on the alarm quartzes, branching out into a great variety of calibers and eventually functions.

This quartz however is refreshingly simple, it has a scale with center marker to set the alarm in increments of 5 minutes. That however makes the alarm inherently less accurate and thats why the scale is there. Within that zone the hour hand must be to trigger the alarm, also when the time is not set exactly by a five minute signal the alarm may ring sometime between 5 minutes to and from the designated alarm time.

To set the alarm one has to pull the alarm crown to the second click and the little pinhole on the dial shows orange meaning that the alarm can be set. Do your bussiness and then push the crown back to the first click – on a white dial the pinhole will show blue, with white meaning of course that the alarm is off.

Check to see if the alarm goes at at all (alarm test) by operating the alarm crown within 4 seconds as follows: from normal position pull out to first or second click, push to normal, pull out again – the alarm rings. Push back in to stop the alarm.

There is a seperate winding mechanism for the alarm crown, even though this is a quartz. Freqent alarms therefore do not impact battery life, but you will be happy to see the battery hatch on the caseback to easily swap it yourself.

Now THIS guy has done an incredible detailed look at the Seiko Alarm Quartz:

And if you’ve made it this far I promise that I’ve written a little script to stick do so I don’t keep saying how “fun” the watch is!

Thanks for watch,



Name: Seiko Alarm Quartz

Reference: 7223-6010

16 April 2021

Music: Humble Pro by Cherry Glazer (iMovie) and Back to Normal by Judson Crane (iMovie)


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