Video Look: Meccaniche Veneziane Redentore Burano

A LOOK AT… the 2019 Meccaniche Veneziane Rendentore Burano

Dimensions: 40mm Diameter, 47.7mm lug-to-lug, 10.7mm thick

⁃ The Burano was apart of the now discontinued Swiss 3.0 versions and was a limited run of 1000 units. The key difference was the red second and blue hour and minute hands. I forgot to mention it in the video, but this early example of Meccaniche Veneziane’s limited production models lacked any markings identifying it as being limited. Current limited runs typically have custom writing on the dial along with other distinguishing features.

⁃ The Rendentore line is still produced in version 4.0 but now features a solid case back and a Seiko NH35 Japanese movement along with a cheaper presentation box. The Swiss models came with a locally sourced durmast oak box and a Venetian leather strap along with fancy paperwork. This said it has the same great looks and 36mm sizes at 60% of the Swiss cost.

Want a Burano? Check out Watches & Crystals – They still have the Burano 2.0 (NH35) version in stock and their customer service is top notch!

⁃ Here I have my Burano on it’s summer strap, a metallic stingray with light blue Spanish stitching from bespoke strap maker TERRYCRAFTED TORONTO. Terry makes phenomenal bespoke straps at phenomenal prices so check him out on Instagram

Terry Crafted Toronto (you’re the best Terry!)

⁃ Movement – STP 1-11 with a custom rotor. Accuracy average of the 4 I’ve owned has been +7 seconds per day.

⁃ Movement has a ever present audible ticking on the wrist.

⁃ Problems – QC, in this example the minute hand is advanced 20 min into the hour before the hour hand reaches the hour marker; There is also a dust spec at the 7 here that was also missed by QC; in another example the case had noticeable marks, another it had grit around the crown tube; another the bezel lume pip had a noticeable bubble in it; all things missed by their QC. Otherwise I’ve often noticed the finishing of the edges of the hands to be rough, though here there is no issue. On the discontinued divers, 2.0 & 3.0, the C1 lume is the minimum required to say there is lume applied though again not an issue here.

⁃ BUT… why buy these “micro brands”? It’s not because they all shop the same Sears catalog from China it’s because they each have their own unique aesthetic, typically focused on the dial, that people love and for me Meccaniche Veneziane works regardless of what powers it or the constant QC fails if the past.

⁃ Fun fact – the Maccaniche Veneziane Nereide 2.0 diver has a Swiss made seagull designed automatic movement!

Thanks for watching,



MAKE: Meccaniche Veneziane

MODEL: Redentore “Burano”

REFERENCE: 1201007

17 April 2021

Music: Humble Pro by Cherry Glazer (iMovie)


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