Video Clip: Sinn 104 St Sa A B E

Good footage of the Sinn 104, no narrative though. Here’s an excerpt from my old unboxing video with not so good footage:

My impressions of the New Sinn 104 “ABE”…

The case looks great, I can’t imagine how it’ll look after hard use, but the high sheen finish along with the polished bezel ring edge look awesome. The case proportions are good with the lugs not being too long for the body diameter. The case guards that flank the crown are small and out of the way, though the crown does look a little long because of this. The crown head has a tiny Sinn “s”, like a baby Seiko!

The sun burst dial strikes a nice balance between light and dark and so long as their is just a modicum of light it will give you a blue sunray. I know the indices are done in “old radium” but in the light it almost comes off as orangey tan and I personally find it less vintage than in stock photos. The day-date window in photos appear to have a black base but thankfully given the nature of the blue dial you can’t really tell that it’s not color matched, and thankfully it’s not stock white! Overall it’s a clean dial with tactful appointments IMO.

An uncommon feature is the “mission timer” bi-directional bezel that features countdown numbers vice the much more common dive bezel. It has a tiny bit of play between clicks but is easy to rotate and features Sinn’s screw in place system to lock the bezel securely to the case, so it’s not going to come off accidentally. The bezel insert is aluminum, and I personally like the look you get with aluminum bezel inserts. I will say that the lume marker at the 12 doesn’t look as exactly cut in place like that of say a liquid metal one, but I appreciate that they did lume it.

While the straps are comfortable I would guess that they a canvas cover over top of leather which will give you a frayed vintage look quickly while retaining the comfortable fit of leather. The downside of this is that if you wear these hard like true canvas straps that they’ll wear very quickly as a WUS member found when surfing with his. I’ve gone I replaced the OEM strap with my own RedRockStraps WWII canvas strap that, while perhaps not as comfortable, has already served me as an sturdy field strap.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the video and here are some solid photos of it as well!


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