Video Clip: Discussing the Spinnaker Fluess Chronograph


+ beveled lugs

+ bezel looks great

+ some have said the dial is cluttered and of course there’s a lot going on, it’s a diver chrono with pano date and it’s still easier to read than many straight Chronos

+ pano date!

+ overall weight

+ bracelet build

+ crown works really well

+ lug ends line up perfectly with the bracelet edge

+ thickness appropriate to the overall size

+ bezel play is reasonable

+ bezel movement is very good

+ Chrono second hand lines up

+ mecha-Quartz


⁃ I don’t know how I feel about the date wheel, it looks plastic and I know it’s all plastic but

⁃ bombe lugs

⁃ Basic machine beveling

⁃ micro adjustment & pins

⁃ but it does feel like the threading is quite fine which I always worry a little bit about at in this price range

⁃ if you for get to screw down your chrono plungers the use at your own risk as this is no Seamaster

⁃ warranty card only available online


3 o’clock sub register tracks 24 hour Time?

Comparatively – compared to watch’s in the say sub $2k CAD range the feel of this $300 spinnaker is excellent, it feels and looks like a quality watch on the wrist.

Overall – if I were to recommend an inexpensive watch or gifting a watch to a non enthusiast friend this would rank highly. It deports itself highly and unless you know and care about all the enthusiast nuances then I’d say it’s a great choice for your wrist; and even fir an enthusiast as a “beater” or daily or traveler or whatever you want to call it I feel like this is a stand out choice.

Enjoy my trash photos, just couldn’t get the lighting to go my way.


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