I take a critical look at the realities of living with a watche and tell you all of its secrets so you can decide if it’s the right watch for you.

In my life I have never learned as much as I have in failure, and learning from the mistakes I have made. Nothing and no one is perfect and in striving for excellence we should always seek and accept the responsibility to improve.

With this in mind, think back in your life when you’ve sought advice on a purchase; your friends, family or colleagues told you either all the good or all the bad things about it based on if they had either a positive or negative experience with the product.  

Meanwhile, reviews you read or watch will typically do nothing but describe pictures and tell you how wonderful the watch is; at best they will inform you about how the only improvement could be the application of a more expensive part.  It is rare and refreshing to watch or read a review that is both unbiased and critical, and that gives you a true assessment of what works and what doesn’t so that you can make a real informed buying decision before making a purchase.

I am exhausted of watching and reading review after review that wastes everyone’s time and money.  Describing pictures is not a review!  Adding more expensive parts is not a singular point to improve!

Our mission is to properly represent all the watches that either don’t have a voice or lack an adequate representation by providing critical reviews and not replicating what others are already doing.  

  • This means not repeating reviews of highly popular watches;
  • focus on providing detailed assessments of both positive and negative aspects ;
  • considering all details that make up the watch buying process; and
  • following the same buying and wearing process that any everyday consumer would.

Join us in our mission to uncover

the best and worst parts of every watch!


  1.  I am in no way affiliated with any watch companies or watch brands.  Every product you see here is purchased by me for my own person use using the same methods (eBay, Amazon, retailer, etc…) you would to acquire it.
  2. All thoughts expressed are my own personal opinions as a concerned consumer and nothing more.
  3. My intention is NOT to become a full-time blogger or reviewer or vlogger or something-er.  I have a very successful career/journey that I pursue and that’s not going to change.  My hope is to provide real people with real information about watches.
  4. Why the written word and not video?  Because; also, I have a very full life and writting an article enables me to comeback to it and finish it on my own time.
  5.  Amazon, Costco, EBay, Canadian Watch Collectors (CWC), and WatchUSeek are all used to offer examples of comparable products and I’ve done my best to include comparison links and I have used affiliate linking where possible to track the popularity of certain retailers where possible.
  6. Photography you ask?  I do it with my iPad and Canon SL2 in my home. Presently my wife is taking over AV for me.
  7. I am neither a mechanic nor a watch maker.  I am however an enthusiast and a consumer, and with this in mind I will speak about watches from the perspective of an informed consumer.