Castle Watch Company Cavetto – My Wife’s Take

My Wife’s Take…

What did my wife have to say about the Cavetto?

Her: “I didn’t realize that that had an open back; let me see that.” She stated in a positive and inquisitive tone.

“What brand is this? She asks now with more scrutiny and flipping it over.

Me: “Castle Watch Co.”

Her: Immediately, “It looks cheap.” She flips it back over again, “And it’s made of titanium and that’s cheap… because it’s not heavy.  Is this a cheap watch?

Me: “What do you think?”

Her: “I’d say it’s a cheap watch; like under $700.  How much is it?

Me: “You’re right, it’s $150.00.” stating the USD value for me to see if it under values it in her mind.

Her: “I knew it, hahaha.  And I’d do a different strap, because it all looks the          same.  It looks like a deer.”

The future…

Me: Since this I have concluded that with the brass finish that the Cavetto looks   best on the



2 thoughts on “Castle Watch Company Cavetto – My Wife’s Take

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