Xeric Soloscope SQ “Blue” – My Wife’s Take

Considering my wife’s usual decerning tastes and her mixed response to the Evergraph, I had a good idea of what to expect from her when it came to the Soloscope.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun in the little bit of time she had to watch on her!

Me:  “Take 30 seconds to take a look at this quick take watch and tell me what your impression is.”

Her:  “You know what this looks like – a scale!”

Me:  “Ha! I said it looked like a coffin!”

Her: “……….how does this even tell time!? They tried way to hard with this!  It looks trippy when you look at the waves in the dial from the curves on the side.  I would never know the time, the effort it would take to learn how to use this just would be worth it.”  She hands it back to me and goes back to phone stuff.

Me:  I flip it over and hand it back to her as she messages on her phone. 

Her:  “You want more?… I thought the brand name was Turok!” she flips it back around to the front, mesmerized by the odd design before her… “Theirs like a big 3 and a little 3 and a big 6 and the numbers rotate… wait no, the arm moves… so how does this work?  What does this even mean! This one isn’t even pointing at anything!  There’s no 30 anything anywhere!  Do these little dials do anything?  Why aren’t these little dials not turning? 

Her:  Who would wear this? You know who would wear this? Someone who can’t tell time! Or a math nerd; someone really stupid or really smart!

If you want to confuse someone give them a couple fashion drinks, dim the lights, wait 30 minutes and then see what they think of your Xeric Soloscope and watch you blow their minds!

Given that my wife is much more of King Seiko / DateJust type of person I am not surprised by her response, but it was still fun to watch. 


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