Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 3.0 – My Wife’s Take

My Wife’s Take…

2 months with a new-born is a long time and decisions made months ago, like what watch I should buy, have long since been forgotten.  This said, I knew in advance of writing this what her initial impression was as she helped me choose one of the two 3.0 models and I also know her take on non-traditional designs, like green on green.  Let’s look at exactly what she thought of all 3 Nereide models and which one stole her heart.

Me:  “It’s that time sugar, and you have to choose just one at the end.”

Her:  “This one.” picking up the 3.0 black.  “I like this one, the silver and black are a balanced contrast.”  As mentioned, this was expected as she not only selected this one when I ordered the Nereide 3.0’s but it is also a much more classic look which I know she prefers.  “Are the insides blue?  With this crystal and the black dial, they look a little bit blue.”  The sunlight from outside was peeking through the curtains and I’d guys that the crystal and AR coating was picking some of this up.

Her:  “This one is just green on green and it’s too much; I’m surprised they didn’t put green in the strap!”  I still love you my green beast.

Me:  “Funny you should say that, it actually comes with a darker brown strap that has green accents but I think it looks ridiculous so I replaced it with the bracelet.”

Her:  “This one [2.0 PVD black], the whole thing is black except for the [case] back which is dumb. It’s a little much since its just black, black and black.”  A lesson for all watch makers, don’t cheap out on blacking out everything!

Her:  I flip all of them over, “You want me to choose a back?”

Me:  “Yup”

Her:  “This one you can see more [speaking of the 3.0 models].  I think this one shows just a little too much but the gold piece [the rotor] is nicer.”

Although I was right about her selection of the black and steel model, I did not expect her to prefer the movement decoration of the 2.0.  I still maintain that the 3.0’s movement is overall my preference, but I can’t argue my wife’s take on these things and she says the Swiss Seagull looks best! 

My wife has volunteered to take over my photography and we are looking at having her write her own insights to replace the above format. If you have any thoughts on this implementation let me know in the comments! Thanks and have a great day!


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